Ahu Binici, Co-Founder, President of Ecoana

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Özgür Yücel, Co-Founder

Native Americans have a beautiful word. We didn't inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children. When I look at my 5-year-old daughter, I think we're doing the right thing and we should take a strong step today for the future of our children before it's too late. At Ecoana we focus on solutions that are not simply problems with a positive perspective. We are creating a new system through sharing culture. Thanks to this system, both the producer and the consumer will gain, while nature and animals will also gain. Didn't you think it was time for us to do good to the world that we love and live in, rather than wait for things to change, and focus on what we will do actively?


Zafer Ertem, Co-Founder

As a father of three children, I became aware of my responsibility to humans, animals and nature early on. For a long time already, I have considered it even a moral duty to play a peaceful part in society. Numerous sporting events for children, aid to refugees abroad and commitment to environmental protection belong to the standard repertoire of my life. As a business consultant, CSR Manager, author and intercultural trainer, I try to make companies aware of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). It has often turned out that it is particularly difficult for companies to consistently implement their social responsibility in a financially balanced, effective and sustainable way. With Ecoana, we are fulfilling a stable bridging function by connecting social, ecological and economic projects directly with the company. It´s a well-thought-out project that will bring the positive change we all so badly need.